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Vertical Mowing and Sweeping

Vertical mowing is a healthy habit and a beneficial component of an annual turf care routine. The practice turns up thatch and opens the turf canopy so it can drink up nutrients and water, and clear out room for fresh growth. Verticutting is an energy boost, setting the stage for green-up in spring and preparing turf for overseeding in fall. The verticutter utilizes the process of rotating vertical blades which penetrate deep into the crown area of the plant and possibly below, severing stolons and stems. This generally provides an effective means of reducing or removing thatch.

The heavy cleanup on a sports field will generally require the services of a turf vacuum to collect the residual debris. This step is critical to ensure that what is left behind does not compact into the soil and reverse verticutting benefits. Removing debris and opening the turf canopy also reduces humidity, promotes drying and reduces the opportunity for disease development.

Sure, verticutting can be dirty work. But the benefits are worth the cleanup — and recovery is minimal if you perform the process properly and utilize the right equipment for the job. Vertical mowing can benefit both active growing and aggressive turf by promoting superior turf performance and persistence.

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