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Synergistic Biology

Dr. Dirt's Energy Pak

A soluble concentration of natural humic substances, seaweed extract and a proprietary blend of natural sugars, vitamins, nitrogen, iron, amino acids and beneficial bacteria.

Synergistic Biology

Synergistic Biology is a proprietary blend of natural sugars, vitamins, amino acids and beneficial bacteria. It is a natural microbial inoculant that provides a broad spectrum of micro-organisms, enzymes, vitamins and various organic acids which are key components for healthy soils, plants and animals. Adding a food source to the soil is one way to stimulate a healthy soil. Increasing microbial activity in soils, Synergistic Biology contributes by adding beneficial microbes, fungi, yeasts and a proprietary blend of natural sugars, vitamins, and amino acids. Synergistic Biology will not harm animals or humans and is safe for marine life. It can also be used as an animal feed supplement, animal water treatment, hydroponic or a lake/pond inoculant as well.

K-Gro (0-0-25-17S)

K-Gro (0-0-25-17S) is a high purity plant nutrient manufactured entirely from food grade potassium hydroxide, and is free of heavy metal contaminants including the regulated metals arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury. K-Gro is seed safe and foliar safe.

Humic 12

 Humic 12 improves seed germination and root development. It increases permeability of plant membranes and uptake of nutrition. Humic 12 works as a complexing agent when mixed with trace elements. It conditions the soil and enables health soil microbes.

Liquid Trace

This proprietary all-natural bio-stimulant package is a complete source of secondary nutrients sequestered with citric acids. Liquid Trace provides foliar delivery of key nutrients that enhance photosynthesis and enzyme production, increase nutrient availability and utilization, and promote improvement in overall plant health and stress tolerance.

12-4-6 Natural Nutrition

12-4-6 Natural Nutrition offers balanced nutrition from natural sources. Combination of sea plant extract, fulvic acids, amino acids and secondary nutrients allows this product to be an excellent source of elemental nutrition and carbon supplementation. 12-4-6 Natural Nutrition gives prompt color response, improves root growth, and speeds recovery of damaged turf.

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