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NutriVeg 5-4-4

Listed for organic crop production through MOFGA (Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association).
Grow crops and gardens with the purest and highest-quality all-natural ingredients for outstanding produce and yield. NutriVeg bolsters plant health so plants better withstand pests, heat and drought. It’s based on an outstanding array of organic meals and extracts that promote higher nutrient levels and exceptional growth.

The Right Stuff 4-3-4

The Right Stuff dramatically improves soils to promote plant establishment and it also accelerates growth.

Natural, organic meals nurture your soils, help build a more sustainable growing medium and feed your plants. But along with kelp, fish, crab and alfalfa meals, The Right Stuff contains proprietary microbiology: Naturally occurring microorganisms that accelerate the conversion of organic matter into high quality humus while releasing minerals and nutrients to the plant. The result is superior plant growth and vigor, higher quality and yield.

STSag 3-18-18-1S

3-18-18-1S is a high-purity plant food manufactured entirely from high-grade 100% ortho white phosphoric acid (arsenic free), potassium hydroxide, ammonium hydroxide, ammonium thiosulfate and low-biuret urea. A very low salt content and balanced nutrient formulation make it exceptionally seed safe and ideal for foliar feeding.

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