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Fall Residue Management

Fall comes a little later for us in the South, but STSag offers the perfect comprehensive fall residue management product for any region. Introducing Dr. Dirt’s Energy Pak!

Proper residue management in the fall will improve the chances of greater crop quality and higher yields in the spring. Dr. Dirt’s Energy Pak is a multi-seasonal soil amendment that speeds the breakdown of crop residue and reduces soil compaction – two of the leading concerns with residue management. Dr. Dirt’s Energy Pak delivers beneficial microbes and a super-charged carbon source that speeds the decomposition process, while also providing a moisture management system that increases infiltration into crop residue and hydrophobic soils. Used for both fall residue management and for spring pre-plant soil booster, Dr. Dirt’s Energy Pak is an economical foundational tool for soil management that paves the way for record yields.

Call today to see how Dr. Dirt’s Energy Pak can work for you! (334) 702-4101

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 Philip Green, a.k.a. Dr. Dirt, shares agronomic experience and insights on turf management, conventional & sustainable farming, mychorrizae and biologics, hydroponic gardening and lawn care.

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